Feed a family in need for a month!

One full package includes all necessary food items as well as house essentials needed to survive for a family of 8 for one month. In most cases all items are listed below will be delivered to a family in need however amounts vary based on dollar to AFN ratio at the time of donation.

Each full package costs $100 but you can choose to donate any amount. You can cover the cost of a bag of flour, rice and sugar, or all the supplies that's included for each family. Allah(swt) accounts for every act of good deed no matter how big or small; so don't worry if you can't purchase for a full package :)

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Here's what you're aHere's what you're about to donate: For every $100, one needy family of up to 8 members will receive supply of Flour, Rice, Oil, Beans, Gonzo Beans, Sugar, Tea, Tomato paste, Hygiene supplies, and one special item like blankets for winter or water cooler for summer.bout to donate:
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