Famidi is one of the world’s largest and first Afghan online community. Established in 2014
for the cause of helping the people we represent, it is our highest honor to launch and carry out numerous successful
humanitarian campaigns throughout operational years. The purpose of Famidi is not only to serve as an organization but
to serve as a family and community to bring Afghans and Non-Afghans together and to be a bridge for the Afghans within
the country and the diaspora living outside.

In the past 6 years, we have completed several humanitarian projects in Afghanistan. Thousands of families
have benefitted from our projects. Our main areas of focus are the following:

1- Provision of Clean Water

2- Food Drives

3- Education Supplies for Children and

4- Emergency Construction

Famidi is not only about humanitarian projects in Afghanistan, but also about building a bright image of Afghani
people abroad. For this purpose, we invite people to join our team and share their stories via short videos and images. This process helps bring
Afghans and Non-Afghans closer. As the Famidi community continues to grow, we began to receive help in our donations and support. Apart from this, we have developed
our merchandise store. The store is an outlet to help sell our official merchandise to raise funds for projects.

So far, Famidi has only focused on small projects and has not initiated any long-scale project due to the funding
constraints. However, Famidi has planned to step up its projects’ magnitude by seeking grants from concerned grant-makers.
Famidi believes it has earned a portfolio by helping the Afghan people in need. Famidi does not want to stop here; Famidi
wants to reach areas in Afghanistan, which have been neglected for so long, and provide the help for basic survival needs.
These areas contain people who are underprivileged and waiting for some Messiah to help them. Through dedication and passion of the community,
Famidi aims to achieve its’ goals.

Our Team


    Our Mission

    Famidi’s goal is to service the people it represents.
    We represent the people of Afghanistan and together we can help aid and bring ease to our people in hopes of a brighter future for generations to come.